Washington DC Private Nature Tour


Smithsonian Arboretum: Step into a green paradise with over 400 acres of carefully curated plant collections and breathtaking landscapes. Wander through themed gardens, from Asian to Azalea, and discover the Arboretum's rich history and its vital role in conservation.Botanic Gardens: Immerse yourself in a world of botanical beauty as you stroll through lush gardens, vibrant orchid displays, and a stunning tropical rainforest. Learn about the fascinating world of plants, their importance to our planet, and the conservation efforts being made.Natural History Marvels: Dive into the awe-inspiring world of Earth's history at the Smithsonian's Natural History Museum. Explore millions of years of evolution, come face-to-face with dinosaurs, marvel at gemstones and minerals, and gain a deeper understanding of our planet's past, present, and future.



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