Private Hiking Tour: Pingshanhu Grand Canyon and the Horse Hoof Temple Grottoes
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Zhangye located in the northwest of China Gansu province, it was known as “Ganzhou” in the past time. As the “arm” in Zhangqian Period to the communication with the western regions in Western Han Dynasty. Zhangye got it’s name and has always been praised as “the Yangtze River region in the frontier” and “the Golden Zhangye”. This morning you will visit the Horse Hoof Temple Grottoes the legend said that the Heavenly Horse left a footprint in the cave, it has become a treasure of the temple, you will see the beautiful snow mountain and grassland here. Enjoy lunch in the local ethnic Yugur people’s tent. Pingshanhu Grand Canyon is the TOP 5 grand canyon in the world. We will hiking in the park for about 2 hours.The scenic area includes the grand canyon,The scenic area includes the grand canyon, stone wonders, desert and snow mountain, primitive forest, and aesthetic value.



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