Kīlauea hike and lava gazing with Native Hawaiian
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My name is Christian, and I am a native Hawaiian student at the University of Hawaii studying culture, language, history, astronomy, geology, and oceanography of the Hawaiian islands. The culture and ways of these islands is one of fun, adventure, love, family, sustainability, and I believe it will save the world. I will be guiding you through the fauna and beauties of the national park, exploring the trails and lava formations, and teaching you about Kīlauea, its rain forests, endemic Hawaiian birds and the Hawaiian culture that has lived in harmony with this land. As darkness falls and the stars emerge from the heavens we will travel the path of Keanakakoʻi on Kīlauea. On the path we will be engulfed by the beauty of volcanic ecosystems and arrive at a cliff to see inside Halema'uma'u and its growing lake of lava/ Hawai'i is truly alive. Hawaiʻi is truly alive.