Budapest Photo Walks
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The best places to take photos as a souvenir, for your social media, prints, or professional use.There are day and night tours, please make your choice. Dates and hours are flexible and may be different from the timetable on the site, so please let me know your preference.During our walk, we go through the best places for your unique photos of Budapest. After a mini workshop about photography basics (only if needed, of course), camera settings, composition rules, we start to occupy the strategic points that average tourists will hardly find. (Extra time can be added if required. We can agree on that on the spot.)Unlike a regular city walk, we don't need to go close to places of interest, to the contrary: we have to find a good perspective for your camera.For your breathtaking photos, you need to know WHERE to go with your camera and WHEN to shoot and this is what I can help in.