Jakarta - Bandung Tour 2 Days 1 Night
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The place dubbed the flower city has many tourist attractions that you must visit if you come here. Ranging from child tours, nature tourism and water tourism are all here! The tourist attractions that are offered in Bandung are also one of the reasons why you have to come to Bandung.Don't want to miss being there with your friend because you have never come to Bandung? Well, if you can make this one an excuse too because if you haven't been to Bandung yet, you haven't already existed in other rich ways, Hehe.Currently there are lots of tourist spots that offer spots to take pictures and you must update to Social Media. One of the most recommended places for you who are first to Bandung, you can go to Asia Africa. Because this place is one of the most famous photo centers in the entire city of Bandung which is often visited by tourists.