Microsoft Excel Basics: For Home & Office
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In just 4 Hours learn all the Basics of Microsoft Excel through examples and practice problems that took me Months to learn!!!!!! This Course is for Complete beginners & people who have some idea of the Excel work interface and are able to carry out simple formula tasks. If you have lied in your Resume and now you need to learn Excel as fast as possible with proficiency then you have come to the right place!!! Anyone who completes this course will have knowledge of the following things: Introduction to interface, view, range, color fill, border, alignment, worksheet, input data, formulas, functions, Duplicating data & formula, moving & copying data, making copying hiding sheets, sorting, subtotal, grand total, Adding currency sign to data, plotting charts, filter, quick access toolbar, error messages, freezing panes, Search & find, custom tab, textbox & shape, gridlines, merging cells, find & replace, named ranges, save as types, Conditional formatting, pictures & icons, number formats, printing area in Excel, custom sorting, Tables, Text to columns, flash fill. the formulas that are talked about in this course are: Sum, average, integer, lookup, maximum, minimum, AutoSum, count, round, if, nested if, count ifAlmost every lesson is taught through some example and practice problem for a more clear and advanced understanding of how to use them accordingly. Also, a few Sheets were developed in this course which will give students of this course an idea of how to make sheets for themselves for their daily work whether it be for personal use or for commercial.  the intro video holds a significant purpose as well the message of that video is: Welcome to the Microsoft Excel Full Tutorial series. the intro video is about what to expect from the series and what you can learn from it so you may know what you are getting into and if it's worth your time or not. I do hope you find the series to be useful for you and decide to see all the lessons I have prepared. and if you think it's not for you there are other sources you can look from and I am happy that this video saved your time. Then the course list of videos will help the students of this course to navigate the course according to their needs. also, the returning students can benefit from the list as well. the list is as follows: Microsoft Excel Tutorial [1]Introduction to Interface: get to know the interfaceMicrosoft Excel Tutorial [2]View, Range, Color fill, Border: learn about view range color fill and borderMicrosoft Excel Tutorial [2, A]Alignment In Excel: learn to fix and adjust alignment. Microsoft Excel Tutorial [3]Worksheet and Input data: learn about types of data that can be inputted. Microsoft Excel Tutorial [4]Introduction to Formula SUM: learn the sum function. Microsoft Excel Tutorial [5]Duplicating data & formula: learn about duplicating data and formula. Microsoft Excel Tutorial [6]More on Duplicating data & formulaMicrosoft Excel Tutorial [6, A]moving and copying data in excel: how to copy and move data in ExcelMicrosoft Excel Tutorial [6, B]Moving around and activating cells using the keyboard in excel. Microsoft Excel Tutorial [7]Making a simple Salary sheet in Microsoft Excel: how to do sorting, how tocalculate subtotal and grand total group wiseMicrosoft Excel Tutorial [8]Water bill calculation area-wide with chart: learn to apply charts to displayanalysisMicrosoft Excel Tutorial [9]Making a mark sheet: learn to do average, integer, lookup, and filterMicrosoft Excel Tutorial [10]QAT (quick access toolbar) in Microsoft Excel: learn all about QAT. Microsoft Excel Tutorial [11]Error Messages in Microsoft Excel: learn about Error messages. Microsoft Excel Tutorial [12]Freeze panes, Max & Min value, Find in Excel: as the name suggests. Microsoft Excel Tutorial [13]Copying worksheets in Excel: copying sheets from workbook toworkbook. Microsoft Excel Tutorial [14]How to create a custom Tab in Excel.: make your own personal TAB. Microsoft Excel Tutorial [15]Textbox & Shape in Excel: learn to use textbox and shape. Microsoft Excel Tutorial [16]How to remove gridlines in Excel.: learn to remove gridlines. Microsoft Excel Tutorial [17]Merging cells & AutoSum: learn to merge cells and AutoSum. Microsoft Excel Tutorial [18]Count & Round Function in Excel: as the name suggests. Microsoft Excel Tutorial [19]Using find and replace: how you can use find and replace. Microsoft Excel Tutorial [20]Named ranges in Excel: learn about named ranges. Microsoft Excel Tutorial [21]Save as Types In EXCEL: learn about a few save as types. Microsoft Excel Tutorial [21, A]Introduction to if function: we will learn about the if function. Microsoft Excel Tutorial [22]Conditional formatting: learn conditional formatting. Microsoft Excel Tutorial [23]Using conditional formatting to trace a customers purchase historyMicrosoft Excel Tutorial [24]Insert pictures and icons: learn about inserting pictures & icons. Microsoft Excel Tutorial [25]Number formats in Excel: learn about number formats. Microsoft Excel Tutorial [26]Print Area in Excel: learn to set up print area. Microsoft Excel Tutorial [27]Custom sorting: learn custom sorting. Microsoft Excel Tutorial [28]Tables in Excel: all about Tables in excel (probably). Microsoft Excel Tutorial [29]Text to Column: learn to spread text. Microsoft Excel Tutorial [30]Flash Fill: learn the magic of Flash Fill. Microsoft Excel Tutorial [31]Data Validation in Excel: learn the powerful & useful data validation. Microsoft Excel Tutorial [31, A]Data Validation (part 2Microsoft Excel Tutorial [32]Nested if: learn to put if inside if! Microsoft Excel Tutorial [33]Countif in Excel: learn countif function. Microsoft Excel Tutorial [34]Charts in Excel: learn more about charts. Microsoft Excel Tutorial [35]Composite chart and Printing charts: as the name suggests. Microsoft Excel Tutorial [36]Making a mental math Practice sheet in Excel: practicewhatever you have learned



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