Google My Business: Set Up, Optimize & Master Google Maps
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Step-by-step - How to set up, optimize and master Google My BusinessHave you been trying to figure out how to get your company found on Google? Have you used the power of local SEO to your advantage? You can instantly rank your business higher in Google search results with just a little effort. The most important place to be found by customers online is Google My Business, it allows a customer to trust your brand by being able to read reviews, look at photos, visit your website and find directions to your business. Make sure that your profile is optimized or you could be losing out on crucial sales and revenue - Which will be going straight into your competitors pockets. I will walk you through this course step-by-step on how to set up, optimize and master your listing. I'll also show you the most important steps and factors that yo need to take to get your business online and benefit from being there. When ranking businesses in local search, Google takes into account a variety of variables. This includes factors such as how well your business matches the search query, how close the user is to your business, and prominence, which is essentially how popular Google thinks your business is. Things like other people discussing or referring to you online, leaving you reviews, asking your business questions, or communicating with you via messaging will all count. Throughout the course, we'll go over some of these topics in greater depth. And if you are new to Google My Business, don't worry - we provide easy to follow step-by-step processes to make sure that you get things right. We will have your business listed online and ranking within no time at all. You will receive vital training and information from this course which will allow you to rank your business online, or if you want to use this information to start offering services to business owners as a freelancer, you can also do that too