IT service operations and Service Desk management


The course material is based on the ITSM best practices, MOF(r), and also my on 15 years experience as an ITSM consultant.In this course You learn a lot of tips & tricks to make Service Desk performance better. You learn Incident and Request classification, specific features of performing major Incident resolving. You learn and practice on creating Incident and Request models for certain types of user calls.While Monitoring/Event management studies You learn the best practices of building-in monitoring tools in an IT service, types of events, and management of them.Problem management is mostly an expert area. At the course students learn and practice best practices of expert analysis such as mind maps, Kepner Tregoe analysis, Five Whys, and others.Students will carefully examine different types of Service desk, and best practices of their implementation based on a company and its IT department characteristics. You learn how define 5x8, 24x7 and other work regimes, and develop a Service desk structure.You learn and try the MoSCoW prioritizing matrix to define requirements for a Service desk and supporting software systems.During the course You practice in assignments, which are supported by the ITIL Expert trainer.And after you learn all the previous items you become better prepared for professional ITSM intermediate level certifications.