Google Apps for Beginners
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Google Apps is a suite of apps which offers a free alternative to Microsoft Office or Microsoft Office 365, respectively. Each Google Apps corresponds to a product you might already know: Gmail (= Microsoft Outlook)Calendar (=Microsoft Outlook Calendar)Hangouts (= Skype)Drive (= Drop Box)Docs (= Microsoft Word)Sheets (= Microsoft Excel)Presentations (= Microsoft Power Point)The course is addressed to everyone who is new to Google Apps, or to Google Apps for Work which is a corporate version of Google Apps. Especially if you used to work with Microsoft Office or Outlook this course might help you to overcome your initial difficulties. I will show you all essential DO's and DONT's. The course is divided into 47 short lectures - each of them providing all necessary information about a topic but not wasting time in repetitions. My motivation for the course was to pass on my own experiences I had when being new to Google Apps. I want you to save time and avoid fears of contact which I had myself. Further, I will pass on some tips and tricks which took me some time to discover but which provide very useful shortcuts for your daily work. When I worked for a multinational company we have switched from Microsoft Exchange to Google Apps and I trained quite a few colleagues in how to use Google Apps. I have got to know all stumbling blocks but also all the great advantages which Google Apps will bring to you. This course will guide you step by step through the single apps and explain how they interact with each other. Now enjoy and have fun!



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