LinkedIn Ads Course From Scratch - LinkedIn Ads 2022
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Always wanted to get into B2B Digital Marketing and start with LinkedIn Ads? Do you work for a B2B company and want to start generating leads via LinkedIn Ads? Are you a digital marketer who wants to learn how to generate pipeline and revenue from LinkedIn Ads? You've come to the right place. The instructor of this course (Bhanu Chawla) has spent millions of dollars on LinkedIn Ads and has successfully executed high ROI campaigns for billion dollar businesses across the globe. Bhanu has put all his expertise, experience and learnings from LinkedIn Ads in this detailed course. In this course you will learn: Why you should use LinkedIn Ads and how LinkedIn Marketing has evolvedPre-requisites for launching a LinkedIn campaignHow to Create Your LinkedIn Ads AccountDirect Sponsored Content - Specifications & RequirementsHow to design your LinkedIn Ad Creatives (Free Tools)How to use LinkedIn Campaign ManagerHow to install Insight Tag and Track Conversions (Free Plugin)Objective-Based AdvertisingHow to create your Target Audience on LinkedIn Ads (Step-by-step)Different LinkedIn Ad Formats (Image Ads, InMails, Lead-Gen Forms, etc)Campaign Performance Management with the new LinkedIn Campaign ManagerHow to Optimise Your Campaigns for maximum success (PDF CHEATSHEET to get more leads and sales for your business or clients)The instructor of this course