Career Success: Fast-tracking your Career Promotion.
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This course is for anyone that is struggling to get promoted and for those who are believe they are ready for the next promotion but are not sure how to initiate a constructive conversation with their managers about their promotion. After finishing the course, you will learn and be able to do the following.  1. You will learn the possible reasons why you are not getting promoted, though you think you are ready for it. 2. While performance, skills and hard work are important, they are only the qualifiers for the promotion, but not necessarily make you a contender for the promotion. There are unwritten rules for getting considered for the promotion that not all companies make a list and provides to their employees. You will learn what those rules are a. The competencies that are expected out of you that are non-negotiable to be considered for a promotion. b. The unacceptables that otherwise eliminates you from consideration and c. The Desirables - the desired behaviours that dictate promotion decisions.3. Once you know what those rules are, you will be able to figure out the gaps that are holding you back from moving up. 4. You will know when it the right time to initiate a conversation with your managers about your promotion and how to ask for your promotion. 5. You will also be able to build a compelling case for your promotion.     6. And in case, you are passed for the promotion, you will know how to deal with it and what are the next steps.