Basic Saudi Dialect Arabic
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Basic Saudi Dialect ArabicThis short intro course can be completed in 45 minutes and includes downloadable 1-3 second recordings you can practice on the go. The course is unique because you learn phrases that will help you learn more Arabic. You will learn how to ask about words in Arabic, talk about yourself, and discuss food and drinks. You will also learn formal and informal phrases, as well as how to say goodbyes. The course includes nine lectures of 2-3 minutes each, covering different topics. Each lecture includes the word or phrase in English, transliterated, and written in Arabic script. You can also download and listen to audio files to hear the words and phrases spoken by a native speaker. After each lecture, you can take a quiz with 3 review questions to test your knowledge. Benefits of the course: Learn the basics of Saudi Arabic in a short amount of time. Practice your pronunciation with audio recordings. Learn formal and informal phrases. Test your knowledge with quizzes. Who is this course for?Anyone who is interested in learning Saudi Arabic. Learners who want to learn the basics of Arabic quickly. People who want to practice their pronunciation with audio recordings. How to get started: Sign up for the course and download the audio recordings. Start listening to the lectures and taking the quizzes. Practice your pronunciation with the audio recordings. Continue learning and practicing until you are comfortable with the material. By the end of this course, you'll be able to: Understand the difference between standard and dialect ArabicExpress likes and wants in Saudi ArabicName some drinks and food in Saudi ArabicUse formal and informal phrases in Saudi ArabicSay goodbyes in Saudi ArabicWhether you're planning a trip to Saudi Arabia or you're just interested in learning a new language, this course is a great way to get started with Saudi Arabic. How this course will benefit youYou'll be able to communicate with people in Saudi ArabiaYou'll have a better understanding of Saudi Arabian cultureYou'll have a new language skill that will serve as a foundation for learning more. Sign up today and start learning Saudi Arabic!



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