Building Real World Web Applications
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The Building a Real-World Web Application course is designed to provide students with comprehensive hands-on experience in creating fully functional and dynamic web applications from start to finish. It includes a thorough blend of theory, practical exercises, and project-based learning, students will gain the skills needed to develop professional web applications that solve real-world problems. This four part course covers the following: Introduction to Web Applications: understand and define the fundamentals of web development. Web application Architectures: understand client-server architecture and the role of various technologies. Front-End Development: use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build responsive and interactive user interfaces. Back-End Development: use Python, Flask, and Apache web servers to implement server-side programmingDeployment and Hosting: understand the process of deploying web applications to remote servers. Project Development: understand the process used to build and staff a web application. Next Steps: learn more about what you need to be successful. This course will explore emerging web development trends, tools, and technologies. It will develop a mindset of continuous learning and adaptation to stay up-to-date with the rapidly evolving field. By the end of the course, students will have the basic skills, knowledge, and practical experience to confidently design, develop, and deploy functional web applications that are ready to meet the demands of the modern digital landscape. Whether aspiring developers or professionals looking to upskill, this course empowers participants to create impactful and marketable web applications.