TikTok and Instagram Reels Marketing Strategy
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It's an exciting time for brands to be jumping into the world of short-form video. TikTok and Instagram Reel's fast-growing platforms are home to a hyper-engaged audience with significant buying power. So if your brands align with these platforms in terms of demographics, interests, and values, and you're ready to commit to creating a steady stream of authentic, valuable content, get ready for a great return on your investment. Now, in addition to the advice offered in this course, I recommend taking a look at a few other courses in our library that will set you up for success in the world of video marketing. My course Social Media Video for Business and Marketing will show you how different types of videos can satisfy different purposes within the marketing funnel. And my series Social Media Video Strategy: Weekly Bites offers a lot of tips and tricks for engaging online audiences. And as you can see, there are dozens of other courses that cover a plethora of topics in social media marketing. So peruse our offerings for trainings that fit your needs. I also advise that you check out TikTok's own resources, the TikTok Creator Portal. It offers a ton of content for people just getting started. Also, be sure to check out the TikTok for Business resource, where brands get step-by-step directions on getting the most out of the platform. Doing your research is just part of the story. Also prepare by immersing yourself in the platform, and get a sense for what your competition is doing before creating your own content. Find out how you might be able to partner with creators in your niche. Get a sense of the types of trends and challenges you might enjoy tackling. There's so much to discover about this exciting world of shareable, authentic content. And remember, have fun. TikTok and Instagram Reels are places for joy and creativity. Your target audience will be much more likely to connect with you and identify with your brand if you celebrate and share what it's like being you, the person behind the brand.