Powerpoint 2019 - Present like a Pro
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Learning and using Microsoft Powerpoint is fun and easy. I believe that in few hours anyone can learn how to do it. The tricky part is usually how to do it right the first time. You have 1 trial to impress and win your presentation. This course should get you to make this 1 trial experience worthwhile. The course brings in your hands the experience of hundreds of presentations and thousands of slides containing personal, business, sales, marketing, technical, educational and statistical content. You will learn how to. Start using PowerPoint like a Pro in few hoursLearn Each & Every feature & tool in PowerPointDesign, slide master, layouts, and templatesAdding, editing, and formatting text, illustrations, charts, tables, smartarts, video and audio. Create animatioms and slide transitions easily and control them correctlyWhat to use and what not to use in business presentationsReady templates for colorful and professional slidesHow to present like a pro, using the right content and formattingSome tips and tricks for optimum presentation skillsGet your presentations done right at the first timeReal-life experience by 20+ years experienced IT professional and Entrepreneur who made hundreds of presentations for multinational corporationslike;  Pepsi, Unilver, Procter & Gamble, Toyota, Lexus, LG, Ikea, and many others. All given to you for an amazing price