Forex: Economic News Trading
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With this course you will learn a trading strategy in the forex market. Learn to use economic calendar. find important news that drive the market. build a set of methods to take advantage of economic releases. learn what are characteristic parameters you have to collect with past price actions. Understand some aspects of market fundamentalsMarkets are complex, they appear to be random and incomprehensible. It is not easy to understand even in retrospect what happened with the prices. And yet sometimes you will be able to detect what was the mover. Even more, you can easily find when next important event will be. When it comes it is possible to make profit. ContentYou will learn to read economic calendar. It gives you glimpse into the economic fundamentals. They directly influence currency values. Market reactions during economic news may be violent. Learn what are risks in these situations, and also what are opportunities. It is not enough to understand the market, you need a methods to reap the rewards of this knowledge. You will find them in this course. With every trade you need to do analysis and preparation. It is explained how you should keep your economic news journal, what parameters you should note that will help you with next trades. Forex: Economic News Trading course gives you trading strategy at hand. You will be able to trade with understanding of the market. Also you will be able to adapt to new market situations if the occur.