PowerPoint 365 Beginner
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In this course, students will get started with the basics of Microsoft PowerPoint 365. Learners will become familiar with opening the PowerPoint application, utilizing the Ribbon and interface, and navigating the different views and options. They will learn how to create a presentation on their own and work with various features and commands to update and customize their presentations with ease. This course will also review how to format slide text including character and paragraph formatting, using Format Painter, customizing bulleted lists and creating numbered lists as needed. Students will then be taught how to edit a presentation by moving and copying slides as well as cutting and copying slide content to paste it onto other slides. From there, learners will be taught how to work with graphics including pictures and shapes. They will learn how to insert, resize, arrange and format graphics to add visual appeal to their presentations. As the course concludes, students will be taught how to proof, print, and deliver a presentation so they are prepared to apply what they have learned and present their work to the desired audiences. Once completed, learners can test their knowledge in the course assessment to solidify what they have learned. Course Updated: 02/15/2023This course aligns with the CAP Body of Knowledge and should be approved for 4.5 recertification points under the Technology and Information Distribution content area. Email info@intellezy. com with proof of completion of the course to obtain your certificate. With nearly 10,000 training videos available for desktop applications, technical concepts, and business skills that comprise hundreds of courses, Intellezy has many of the videos and courses you and your workforce needs to stay relevant and take your skills to the next level. Our video content is engaging and offers assessments that can be used to test knowledge levels pre and/or post course. Our training content is also frequently refreshed to keep current with changes in the software. This ensures you and your employees get the most up-to-date information and techniques for success. And, because our video development is in-house, we can adapt quickly and create custom content for a more exclusive approach to software and computer system roll-outs. Check out all Intellezy has to offer with our award-winning video content!



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