Russian Language with Transcription, Complete Course.
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Hi I'm Nailya Red, a professional Russian language teacher (linguist diploma). You can now learn how to speak Russian in just few weeks even if you don't have previous knowledge of the Russian language. This Russian language course makes it that easy. We'll start with basics and work our way through step by step. Soon, you can add "Russian language" to your CV to increase your business opportunities. You'll also be able to speak Russian to make new friends and enjoy new experiences. There are downloadable, additional PDF files and the Text Book with exercises, grammar, texts, dialogues, phrases and dictionaries available. IntroductionLecture 1: IntroductionAlphabetLecture 2: Alphabet Cursive and PrintRussian GrammarLecture 3: Russian Grammar: VowelsLecture 4: Russian Grammar: ConsonantsLecture 5: Russian Grammar: NounsLecture 6: Russian Grammar: Six CasesLecture 7: Russian Grammar: Demonstrative PronounsLecture 8: Russian Grammar: Determinate PronounsLecture 9: Russian Grammar: Indefinite PronounsLecture 10: Russian Grammar: Possessive PronounsLecture 11: Russian Grammar: Nominative Plurals FeminineLecture 12: Russian Grammar: Nominative Plurals MasculineLecture 13: Russian Grammar: Nominative Plurals NeuterLecture 14: Russian Grammar: Interrogative wordsLecture 15: Russian Grammar: NegationLecture 16: Formal and Informal YouAcquaintanceLecture 17: Acquaintance DialogueLecture 18: Acquaintance: General InformationAt the AirportLecture 19: At the Airport: DialogueLecture 20: At the Airport: Phrases and DictionaryDirectionsLecture 21: Directions DialogueLecture 22: Directions: Phrases and DictionaryAt the PharmacyLecture 23: At the Pharmacy DialogueLecture 24: At the Pharmacy: Phrases and DictionaryAt the BankLecture 25: At the Bank: DialogueLecture 26: At the Bank: Phrases and DictionaryAt the HotelLecture 27: At the Hotel: DialogueLecture 28: At the Hotel: Phrases, General Information, DictionaryAt the RestaurantLecture 29: At the Restaurant: DialogueLecture 30: At the Restaurant: Phrases and DictionaryAt the StationLecture 31: At the Station: DialogueLecture 32: At the Station: Phrases and DictionaryShoppingLecture 33: Shopping: DialogueLecture 34: Shopping: Phrases and DictionaryBodyLecture 35: Body: DictionaryShape and SizeLecture 36: Shape and SizeClothesLecture 37: Clothes: Phrases and DictionaryColorsLecture 38: Colors: DictionaryCorrespondenceLecture 39: Correspondence: Phrases and DictionaryDays Months SeasonsLecture 40: Days Months Seasons: DictionaryEmergencyLecture 41: Emergency: Useful Phrases and DictionaryFamilyLecture 42: Family: Phrases and DictionaryGreetingsLecture 43: Greetings: Phrases and DictionaryGuestsLecture 44: Guests: Phrases and DictionaryHolidaysLecture 45: Holidays: List of Russian Holidays, Phrases and DictionaryRussian IdiomsLecture 46: Russian IdiomsMiscommunicationLecture 47: MiscommunicationNumbersLecture 48: NumbersPhone CallLecture 49: Phone CallProfessionsLecture 50: ProfessionsRelationshipLecture 51: RelationshipResumeLecture 52: ResumeSignsLecture 53: Signs: DictionaryWeatherLecture 54: Weather: Phrases and DictionaryRussian SlangLecture 55: Russian SlangVerbs and AdjectivesText Book: Exercises, Dialogues, Texts, Dictionary, Grammar (PDF)