Google Docs & Sheets - Say Bye Bye to MS- Word & Excel
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Google Docs & Sheet both have truly transformed how I create documents, store, access and share files and collaborate with colleagues. I would like to give you the opportunity to also dramatically improve how you interact with and manage your word processed documents. Share my expertise and over 4 years teaching experience to make you, and potentially your workplace, effectively utilize the cloud-based features integral to Google Docs' ongoing success. Google Docs is cloud-based word processing software created by Google. It allows users to store files in the cloud, share files with other collaborators and edit documents with ease. This course is suitable for people from any profession as the skills developed are applicable on both a personal level as well as having tremendous potential in any workplace. Students will: How To Create sheet without Ms-ExcelWhy Google Sheet & Google Doc is Better Than Ms-Word & ExcelHow to give privileges to other as sharing documentsInserting Charts and Tex boxes in google sheets and DocsTranslation and voice typing system in Google Docs and Sheets. Develop the ability to create files and synchronize these across your various devices. Converting document into different formats like ppt. pdf and vice versa. Always access the most recent version of a document. Collaborate in real-time with colleagues on documents. Share files with other parties setting restrictions and limits as to the access privileges of all groups who can access the file/s. Remove the need to email documents as attachments, simply allow access to the document online. Where necessary, convert existing Microsoft Word documents into Google Docs format. This course will positively change how you interact with your documents and the information you work with on a daily basis.