Get Started With Google Maps Javascript API v3. New UI!


Learn how to embed a Google Map to your homepage and how to customize it with step-by-step instructions and examples.Create Google Maps to your homepage that fits to its design and content. A customized map is always more engaging.If you use personalized map, it can contain more relevant information. In this course you can learn how to embed a map and how to customize it.I will show you, how easy is to create a map.This course takes a step-by-step approach to prepare a useful, interactive map, which hopefully gives more benefit to your homepage.The course includes, how to:Obtain an API key,Set up your very first map,Put markers on it,Set its appearance with setting styles,Use the controls with the new UI (v3.22)Handling events,Displaying info-window,Draw lines and shapes,etc.The course also contains downloadable working samples.Join my course today and get the knowledge of Google Maps API!