PHP Laravel: Build Hotel Booking Management System


The online course titled "PHP Laravel 2024: Build Hotel Booking Management System" is designed to teach participants how to develop a fully functional hotel booking management system using the PHP Laravel framework. This course will provide comprehensive instruction and hands-on experience in building a web application for booking hotels and managing travel-related operations.Key features of the course include:Framework: The course focuses on the PHP Laravel framework, which is widely used for web development due to its robust features and ease of use.Project-Based Learning: Participants will work on a real-world project throughout the course, building a hotel booking management system from scratch. This hands-on approach allows learners to apply their knowledge and gain practical experience.Booking System: The course covers the development of a booking system, enabling users to book hotels and manage their travel arrangements.Processing Payment with PayPal: Participants will also learn how the logic works behind processing payments online. how to set up the sandbox emails, how to work with PayPal Rest API and so much more.Comprehensive Instruction: The course provides step-by-step guidance, covering all the necessary concepts and techniques required to build a hotel booking management system using Laravel and PHP.Experienced Instructor: The course is taught by an experienced web development instructor who specializes in Laravel and has a top-rated track record in teaching web development courses.By the end of the course, participants will have the skills and knowledge to develop their own hotel booking management system using Laravel and PHP. This course is suitable for individuals with some prior experience in web development and a basic understanding of PHP programming.