TikTok Ads for Entrepreneurs: Grow your business with ads
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This course will teach you how I get a 3.5x return on my ads run on TikTok and how you can use my principles and techniques to grow your business. What you need to know: For $10k I spend on TikTok Ads, I get about $35k in sales in my e-commerce store. I've spent over $200k on Facebook Ads and TikTok Ads seems to be a great alternativeI won't waste your time with silly things like hashtags, popular songs or growth hackingThis course is for busy people who want results fast. I won't teach you how to go viral by doing silly challenges or funny dances. I don't assume you have loads of hours to do fancy editing. This is about making practical ads and getting a good ROI. Here are some of the things I'll teach you: I'll explain all the technical terms in plain English: CBO, CPA, LTV, etc.. I'll analyze my ads and show you how I pick winnersHow to find the right audience for your ads in under 10 minutesUsing agencies, talking to official TikTok specialists, hiring helpMy way to create ads that's simple, straightforward and effectiveThe course is based on one premise: that you DO NOT want to be an influencer or a full-time content creator. I assume you're a busy person with limited time and energy. That's why I won't recommend stuff like post 7 times a day or create super polished videos. I can't promise you a 3.5x return, but this is as real as it gets in terms of TikTok Ads - no filler material, no boring theory, just practical, down-to-earth tips that you can immediately use.