PowerPoint Intro Machine - Create Logo Intros in PowerPoint
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Creating an animated logo intro for your videos, can give an extra touch of professionalism to your business but that's not an easy task! You might think you have to learn some new complicated software like Adobe After Effects. Well… that might be a solution, but I'm here to show you a better way! What if I told you that by using just a simple software like PowerPoint, you could create amazing logo intros for your videos, for branding your business or for selling them to other businesses as a side income? That's right PowerPoint could be used also as an intro creation machine for your videos! Master Logo Intro Creation in PowerPoint Quickly Create simple intros with the preset transitionsCreate complex intros with combined animationsCreate advanced level introsTricks and tips for working in PowerPoint quickly & easily Animated Logo Intros Ad Value to Your Videos by Increasing Brand Awareness and Perceived Value & Professionalism Knowing that videos can get you to the top pages in Google and Youtube searches, I've used videos very often in content creation and marketing my business online. But I soon noticed that the best video content creators used animated logo intros in the beginning of their videos. The intros were adding some kind of professional "look" to their videos, or made their brand stick and easy to remember. And they were also fun to watch and made the viewer spend more time to watch the whole video! This simple, short detail, added to your video, can help immensely your brand awareness, your perceived value and also professionalism. It's just like a logo for your website or offline business, only better because it uses the video's power! Animated Logo Intro Creation In PowerPoint Is Fun and Easy I designed this PowerPoint logo animation course to be easily understood by beginners and it's also completed with over 15 supplemental resources full of graphics, audio and video elements, for your use. It's as if you'd watched over my shoulder while building along with me, step by step, awesome looking logo intros. At the end of this course you'll have built from scratch at least 7 types of intros for different businesses, and gained a lot of competence and skills in using the animations and transitions not just for intros but also for creating your own motion graphics and video animations in PowerPoint. This would be like a quick and easy, beginner to advanced course in PowerPoint animation, and you'll also receive a certificate of completion upon finishing the course. In addition to this, you will receive bonus material that will reinforce and improve the skills you've learned and there is also a 30 day 100% money back guarantee from Udemy in case you're not satisfied with the course. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. So… what are you waiting for? Take this course and let's start!