Sat Math Course: Revise Complete Sat Math
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The course includes 30 major topic video explanations of everything about SAT math (includes more than 100 subtopics), and it includes 4 section tests (151 questions) + 1 practice test at the end ( both with solutions!) and additional 30 workbooks with hundreds of practice problems, to help you test your understanding along the way. Sat Math Course: Revise Complete Sat Math organized as following: Heart of Algebra1. Algebraic Models 2. Solving Linear Equations3. Solving Linear Inequalities4. Linear Functions5. Linear Equations6. Graphing Linear Inequalities7. Systems of Linear Equations8. Graphing System of Linear Inequalities9. Absolute Value10. SECTION TEST (downloadable)Passport to Advanced Math1. Quadratic Functions2. Quadratic Equations3. Polynomials4. Rational Expressions5. Radicals6. Exponentials7. Linear-Quadratic Systems8. Isolating Quantities9. Functions10. SECTION TEST (downloadable)Problem Solving and Data Analysis1. Percent2. Ratios Rates and Proportions3. Units4. Tables5. Scatter Plots6. Center Spread and Shape of Distributions7. SECTION TEST (downloadable)Additional Topics in Math1. Basic Geometry2. Area3. Circles4. Volume5. Complex Numbers6. Trigonometry7. SECTION TEST (downloadable)Practice TEST + solutions + score conversion equation (downloadable)YOU WILL FIND INSIDE OF EVERY SECTION: Video Explanation: Starting from the beginning I explain every topic you need to know for the SAT math test. In every video, I solve questions similar to SAT math. It covers every subtopic. Lecture Quizzes + Video Solutions: At the end of each lecture you will have a small quiz to practice plus the video solutions of each quiz. (30 quizzes + 30 video solutions)Exercises Workbooks (available for each lecture): For more practicing, you will find hundreds of questions in PDF format (with answers). Section Test (Downloadable): Measure your knowledge at the end of each section by section tests, then check your works with solutions. Practice Test (Downloadable): Practice with a full-length SAT math practice test divided into two portions, calculator-no calculator.