Google Earth Basic Skills
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This course is covering basic skills using Google Earth. Students will learn how to navigate, turn, zoom, pan and swivel around the globe. The course also highlights where a student can find basic data about elevation, depth, coordinates, etc. A quick exploration of different layers available to Google Earth users will also give them a taste of the capacities of the program. This is a basic course, so very basic knowledge of geography, software and hardware technology is necessary. The only thing that students need to complete the course is the Google Earth program downloaded and installed. No textbook, no external links, etc. The course should take 2 to 4 weeks to complete at a leisurely pace. However serious students could tackle it and digest it in a couple of days. This course is ideal for students who have just discovered Google Earth or those who have known about it but never dared to explore it. This is a simple and gentle guided tour of the Earth.