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Hello everyone, I'm Marwan Hussein, I'm a 3D artist I have been in the 3D field for 10 years now. I love to create cars I find that fun for me, and I love to share my knowledge with people that like to learn some cool stuff in Blender. In this course I decided to create Tesla Cybertruck from start to finish, I like the idea of this truck it comes with a new idea that makes the Tesla Cybertruck stand out from the rest of the trucks around the world. In this course we will learn how to model the truck from start to finish, the modeling section was challenging because there are too many details and I tried as much as I could to add all the details ( the exterior details ) to make the truck looks realistic. In my nature, I like to care about details, but caring about details comes with its cost, it makes the course a little bit longer, especially the modeling section, but that's not bad because if you do modeling a lot you will master the modeling eventually because of that modeling section take a big portion of the cake. In the modeling section, we will learn a lot, new technics help to speed your workflow, fixing a surface problem when we get bad surface shading, learning new ways to achieve complicated geometry, learning new shortcuts new modifiers new skills, etc...... When the modeling section is finished we will rig the truck, rigging is a very fun part, I like when I create a car and have the ability to animate it as I want, because of that learning how to use armature inside Blender is something very important, anyway, we will learn how to rig the front and the back tire group, we will learn how to open and closed the back cover door of the truck. We will learn how to give the bones specific shapes so we can understand them in case we want to animate the truck or send it to an animator. The materials section is fun as well, in this section we will learn how to use the shader editor and how to create our materials from start to finish step by step, there is a lot of stuff there I don't want to get into details but I'm sure you will find it useful and fun. Rendering section, first we will use Cycles to render the truck and we will learn how to create an environment to put the truck inside it, we will create 2 environments you can see in the intro video. After using Cycles we will use Eevee as well, and we will try to get nice beautiful realistic render results with Eevee, not just that, we will switch to the compositor to add the final touch, it is called post-processing. I divided the course into sections, each section I give a name, for example, the Modeling section, Materials section, Rigging section, etc... I will add a section for the project folder, before you start you should download the project folder, and I will add 2 Blueprints, you can download them both. I will add the Blueprints that I used in the course and a Blueprints of the final result of the course, you have the choice to decide what you want to use, but as advice I advise you to use the Blueprints 2 because it will be 100% accurate as compared with the first one, you will find all of that in the project folder section.



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