Create Perfect YouTube-Thumbnail in Adobe Photoshop (2021)
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Hello, YouTubers!YouTube is a hard competition and your videos always compare with millions others videos from other creators. And you have to stand out to gain more views and subscribers. And I will help you! I'm Evgeny Maximov and I'm really old YouTuber. I started to create videos for YouTube in 2014 and I had really bad thumbnails. 7 years later I make I have huge progress in production this pictures. And I want to share my knowledge with you!Goal of this Class:I want to teach you how to make cool and working thumbnail on YouTube. This is easy but be ready to spend time on analysis and making nice foundation of your future thumbnails.What you learn how to:Define good thumbnail and what the structure of perfect picture.Avoid typical mistakes while crafting YouTube thumbnails.Analyse other YouTubers and find own unique style of thumbnails.Course also has practical project for you to develop your skills in making thumbnails. We will make two thumbnails during this course. First one is really simple one and you have no need to know anything about Adobe Photoshop. It's two-click task. Second example is little more complicated to show you that you can make thumbnails in different styles.Let's learn how to make perfect YouTube thumbnails!



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