Twitter for Real Estate
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You're stuck in a rut. Your old-school promotion isn't producing results, which doesn't surprise you since you just read in the Harvard Business Review that traditional marketing is dead. And that's not really news either, because you keep hearing about how people are trusting traditional advertising less and less and trusting peer/social recommendations more and more. You've tried growing your business with the aggregators, but a lot of those leads are low quality, all of them are cold by nature, and the prices for those services just keep going up. Size of Sphere = Size of Income? So, you find yourself in this place where you've maxed out your sphere of influence using traditional methods. And anyone who's been in real estate longer than 5 minutes knows that the size of your sphere determines the size of your income. More connections = more money, right? New Life for Your Business And you think, "Those old, cold and expensive methods just aren't working for me. I need to find a new way to expand my network and inject new life into my business." And so, for all those reasons, you decide to give Twitter a try. And here's what you discover: That Twitter users are the most active and dynamic in all of Social Media  That you can use keywords and laser-focused geo-targeting to connect with people right in your community That there's not a lot of competition, because most people do the wrong things, get no results and blame Twitter for the lackluster ROI - when in reality the problem wasn't Twitter at all, but simply those people doing the wrong things That Twitter is exploding, and there are now nearly HALF A BILLION people using the platform Grow Your Network So, you start connecting with more and more people, growing your network every single day. You quickly realize that Twitter users love to engage and make new connections. And you discover a few things that you did not expect. That the learning curve is not that steep. And that Twitter is actually fun. Yes, FUN! You nurture along hundreds of relationships, building and building a little bit more each and every week. And you wake up one day and realize that you've expanded your network dramatically while doing 99% of it at home in front of your computer. Or from your smart phone or you iPad. And you realize that what you heard was actually true: that Twitter really is the greatest relationship creation machine of all time. And you think, I only wish I had started using Twitter sooner. Take this course and let me show you how to grow your sphere of influence using Twitter.. PS: This course isn't going to be ideally suited to all personalities or communication styles. If you purchase this course and feel even a smidgen of disappointment, Udemy will give you your money back, so long as it's within the first 30 days, no questions asked. PPS: Here is some Social Proofing I've received from a myriad of key players in the real estate industry.  PPPS: Here is what happened when an industry VIP followed my advice and dramatically improved his Twitter experience quickly.