Email Marketing Mastery: Make More Sales By Sending Emails


We all want to build something BIG.But if you're not building an email list and building a relationship with that list, you're without a doubt leaving followers, and money, on the table.Why?Because email is the most powerful marketing tool available to us today - so powerful even that Toby Fallsgraff who was Obama's 2012 email director gave a talk on "How the right email fundraising strategy helped win an election". That's not an understatement considering the fact that they raised over $690 million through email alone. But you don't have to be running for office to use it's power. Whether you have a small restaurant, an online business or a non-profit, email marketing is your key to growth and success.If you're looking for an in depth look at every aspect of email marketing, this isn't the course for you yet (because there are a lot of lectures yet to come). But if you want to learn the key principles to email success and how to get started, this is your course. Inside you'll learn: 1. The difference between BRAND BUILDING and DIRECT-RESPONSE MARKETING - and why you NEED direct response2. Why email marketing is all about relationships (and not selling)3. The V+F+I+SR Relationship Formula to build powerful relationships through email4. How to set up your email marketing service and build your first listAnd much more...In fact, there are 6 full sections that will be added to the course in the weeks and months to come. And as a student, you get lifetime access to all of it when it's released. And as in all my courses, my goal is to challenge conventional wisdom and share with you a new way of looking at something important. This course is no different. To enroll, just click the "Take This Course" button.I'll talk to you soon.Brandon