Email Marketing complete beginners to Advance course


So, is Email Marketing is worth its value in 2021 or the future? Email does have the highest number of users on a daily basis and Email Marketing returns an ROI of more than 42. This means if you invest $1 you would be getting back approximately $42.Growing your email list is one of the most needed tasks to start wherever you're in your Business stage or even if you're a Blogger, Content Creator. Email Marketing can generate more sales and leads through a highly converting audience.Email marketing is a critical component of any business marketing plan. The quality of your message and your list could make or break an entire marketing campaign. We will take you through all aspects of an email program in this course, including strategy, data, design, delivery, testing, and analysis.We will provide insight, tactics, tips, and takeaways that you can implement to improve your business email marketing campaigns to increase your sales and revenues as well as taking brand reputation to a higher level!In this Course You'll Learn:What is Email Marketing and How is it helpful to everyoneHow to Create an encrypt your Business EmailSetting up a Free Email Sending system with only GmailPsychology Behind Higher conversionsBest practices and effective Email marketing techniquesHow to Land Emails in Inbox instead of Spam FolderUsing Mailchimp to Ease out Email list processingAutomation of Emails using MailchimpI wish you an Informative and beautiful journey ahead. Thank you!