Build BeReal Clone (IOS 17) - SwiftUI 5 & Firebase
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This course has been written and recorded with the latest iOS 16 release! Welcome to the BeReal from Scratch course! In this course, I will teach you how to make money by developing indie apps while developing a real-world app like BeReal. My name is Cem and I am the founder of Turma app, teaching over 5000 students. Today, the app market is more open to innovation and indie developers more than ever as big app monopolies are being restricted by Apple. This situation presents a great opportunity for indie app developers like you to make unprecedented gains. In this course, we will be building BeReal from Scratch including both the Backend and Frontend side of the application using SwiftUI, Combine, Firebase, and other third-party packages. This project-based learning method will help you understand abstract concepts such as Authentication, Data management, and Image processing. You get step-by-step instructions for each technology in the SwiftUI framework, and see how to use the different views, initializers, methods, and modifiers that are available for each of those technologies. Do not forget, in this course, we emphasize quality over quantity. Therefore, you can expect to learn about concepts, design patterns, and functionalities that are not covered anywhere else. These include creating a "Custom Camera View", "Phone Number Authentication" using OTP Systems, and integrating third-party packages into the main code. Do not worry if you are a beginner, I will be presenting the concepts in a step-by-step manner where you will learn the basics of SwiftUI by building the User Interface, then we will move onto more complex topics using ViewModels and the Backend Data Management parts of the application. You will also have access to a library of code for many functionalities that you can utilize in your own applications like authenticating users, creating a Feed, and customizing profiles. All of the best practices that you will learn in this course will get you ready to work as a Junior IOS Developer or let you start your own app like I once did. No more fumbling through Apple's convoluted docs for hours trying to find the code you need, or wasting time looking on Stack Overflow, your getting all the instruction and code you need…you just need the idea for the app, and you're ready to go. Over the years, I have done many Hackathons and taught IOS Development to people from various backgrounds. Therefore, I have a sense of making ideas and concepts easier for people to understand. As a student of my course, you will be saving a lot of time as all of the content in this course is up-to-date with the latest technologies and latest versions of Swift and Xcode that Apple has released. Me and my team will provide you with live assistance with a 36-hour reply guarantee during the lifetime of this course. Here are some of the topics covered: App Development • Swift Language (complete language) • Protocols • Frameworks • User Interface • View Protocol • Opaque Types • Text • Modifiers • Color View • Image View • Event Modifiers • Custom Modifiers • Async/Await • Layout • Safe Area • Priorities • Alignment Guides • Groups • Custom Views • Previews • Preview Modifiers • Environment • Property Wrappers • @State • @Binding • @Environment • @AppStorage • Model • Observable • @EnvironmentObject • View Model • Combine Framework • Publishers • Subscribers • Transforming values • Operators • Subjects • Controls Button View • TextField View • SecureField View • Toggle View • Slider View • Stepper View • Navigation View • NavigationLink View • TabView View • Sheets • Popovers • Alert Views • Action Sheets • Split Views • Custom Navigation • Size Classes • Orientation • GeometryReader View• Preferences • Conditional Code • Menu • Multiple Windows Support • Lists • ForEach View • ScrollView • List View • Sections Edition Mode • Custom Buttons • Search • Picker View • DatePicker View • Forms • Shapes • Charts • Gradients • Images • Paths • Custom Shapes Transformations • Animations • Hit Testing • Transitions • Gesture • Notification Center • System Notifications • User Notifications • Provisional Notifications • User Defaults • File Manager • URLS and Paths • Files and Directories • Bundle • Archiving • Encoding and Decoding • JSON •• Core Data Model • Core Data Stack • Sort Descriptors • Swift Language.• And much more. This course has been written and recorded with the latest iOS 16 release!