PayPal Payment Integration with PHP, Laravel and Symfony
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PayPal is the most popular online payment gateway. In this course we will learn how to accept payments for products and services from customers by implementing real web applications in PHP language. This course uses PayPal SDKs V1. In this course I will focus on PayPal Checkout service and its implementation in PHP using PayPal rest api which is the newest and the best way to handle online payments provided by PayPal. Thanks to it, we can accept online payments for single or multiple products and services, handle subscriptions, automatically handle transaction notifications from PayPal, etc. We will learn PayPal integration (PayPal Checkout) in PHP by building two real applications: a simple shopping cart and a small video subscription application. I will make each of these applications from scratch in three versions: in pure PHP, using model-view-controller approach (files included for every coding lecture)in Laravel and Symfony php frameworks with real, secure login and registration system (files included for every coding lecture)PayPal Checkout is the newest rest api based solutions to handle payments. It is very flexible. You can build with it whatever you want including: e-commerce website with multiple products to sellwebsite with single product or service to sellsubscription billing websitesbackend for your mobile applicationYou will also learn and implement PayPal Webhooks - rest api based solution to handle automatic transaction notifications. For example, if a user cancels his subscription from his PayPal account, the application will be notified about that and an administrator can reject access to videos etc. To test these notifications we will deploy our subscription application to Heroku. If you want to learn PayPal integration in PHP by building practical examples this course is for you. QAQuestion: You used Laravel 5 in this course for creating an app to practice PayPal integration. Now we have Laravel 8 already. Does it mean that this course is outdated and I will not benefit from it?Answer: Absolutely not! In tools like PHP frameworks the fundamentals and base syntax almost never change regardless of the version. But of course any maintained software evolves all the time. That's why I always suggest you to use the version of software that instructor uses in the course. It prevents from errors and confusions. As a someone who wants to learn web development you should be aware, that real web development involves also adapting the code to newer versions if necessary - but this is not always necessary, not every company do that. Software changes so often that the instructors would not be able to create the courses so that they match the latest version. This is not even advisable, because as a student you would loose an important aspect of real web development - the awareness that everything is changing and you need to be able to deal with it.