Depression Counseling Certificate
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* Printable online certificate available upon completion of course*Did you know that globally 264 million people of all ages suffer from depression! Do you want to learn the skills required to help create a therapeutic environment and empower others experiencing depression?Do you want to become an agent of change?  Empowering others when they're at the lowest point of their lives and making a true difference in the world around you. Inside this course you will gain the necessary knowledge, tools and insights required to become a proficient 'depression counselor'.  Chances are you heard of or know somebody who has or is going through a state of depression. What You'll LearnPsychological theories Counseling approachesAnatomy - how depression affects different regions of the brainSigns & symptoms of depressionStress & depressionSleep disorders & depressionSomatic symptoms Risk factorsPharmacology approach ( medical treatments)Alternative therapies And much, much more! If you're ready to be that helping hand and person who can stand in the gap for someone in their time of need when they need you the most, then get ready to explore the world of depression counseling like never before, where you will learn how to empower others, find resolution and ultimately mitigate human suffering. Depression affects the lives of so many people worldwide and can be complex, anyone who goes through it faces a unique set of circumstances and factors that are involved. Hence, the important role counselors play is vital for those in need of help. If you want to be that agent of change or be someone that can make a difference in person's life, then you've come to the right place. Buy Now!