Gestalt Theory for Web/UX/UI/App Designers
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This course is part of our Psychology Driven Web Design collection. This is a beginner level course as gestalt psychology is concerned. Please note that NO subtitles are available with this course. GENERAL DESCRIPTIONOur brains use complex neurological mechanisms to interpret the constant stream of visual information entering our eyes, thereby turning our experiences into cohesive, meaningful, and usable representations of the world. Gestalt theory attempts to simplify and explain visual perception by giving us clues as to how these cognitive processes are organized in the mind. It is built upon the premise that the whole is different than the sum of its parts and assumes that we perceive whole objects before their constituents, and that it is perceptual organization that underlies human perception. Gestalt theory can help web/UX/UI/app designers use the biases and quirks that characterize human visual processing, in order to achieve superior designs, by structuring visual information in a manner that will make it easy for users to pursue their goals, while also having a good user experience. After you finish this course, you will be able to design websites that account for perceptual biases of visitors, because you will become conscious of how the human mind decodes a scene by scanning it, how it simplifies it by grouping items in it, and how it supplements missing information to make sense of it. By catering to your users' perceptual biases, you will be able to structure your content based on the natural way they interpret visuals. Imposing a proper structure on your website will in turn help you to frame information, so they can find what they are looking for faster, it will help to highlight and prioritize information, so they can be redirected as desired, and it will help to chunk and order information, so the display can be simplified, making it visually more appealing. This course is beneficial for all web, user experience, user interface, app, icon and logo designers. There are no prerequisites. The curriculum does not contain matters where understanding code, programming or even visual design would be required. However, you must be able to understand English without needing subtitles. IMPORTANT NOTE: MOST PARTS OF THIS COURSE ARE ALSO CONTAINED IN OUR COURSE "PSYCHOLOGY DRIVEN WEB DESIGN". IF YOU HAVE TAKEN THAT COURSE ALREADY, WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THAT YOU TAKE THIS COURSE. IMPORTANT NOTE: WE DO NOT OFFER SUBTITLES IN THIS COURSE.