Adobe Premiere CC 2023 PLUS Final Cut Pro X Video Editing
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Our Adobe Premiere CC  Video editing course is designed for beginners, Youtubers, Travel vloggers, Online Course instructors, Corporate video editors that seek the essential knowledge to edit things like a Youtube Travel Music Video or a A multi-camera interview event with professional audio sound. We're going to cover a full workflow from importing our footage to publishing a finished video to our Youtube Channel Chicvoyage. We will feature new Adobe Premiere 2023 content like Auto-reframe that uses the AI technology to adapt your videos for social media platforms, Audio gain, and time re-mapping. I have almost 12 years of experience filming and video editing for corporate clients, Youtube vlogs and travel music videos, stock footage, and online courses. I have 14 published courses on Udemy and have honed my craft of teaching, filming, and video editing to come together on this course. This course is designed in a logical way where I will supply you with exciting International Travel Footage so that you may follow along and practice the course. The footage is shot in the exotic locations like Kuala Lumpur's Rooftop bars and Chinatown nightlife, to the Maldives where you have access to 120 Super slow motion frames per second, 4K drone footage, gopro underwater footage, and 4K footage from a high powered Mirrorless camera's like the Panasonic GH5 camera. We are going to start with a tour of the program and workspaces and advance to importing footage, organizing your assets, working with the time-line, apply advanced transitions and effects, and end by exporting the finished video file. As a bonus I'm going to let you see my workflow for publishing your finished video to a youtube channel. We are also going to analyze a finished multi-camera finished client project and teach you how to take such an edit in Adobe Premiere. We're going to cover advanced topics like multi-camera video editing to give you the skills to handle professional clients. BONUS TIMEAs a bonus we are including the Final Cut Pro X Survival Guide which includes very practical lessons from being in the trenches as an editor for clients and running my own Youtube Channel. You can expect behind the scene video edits for clients full workflow and super practical lessons like synching video and audio, blurring out license plates, and using green screen. This is aimed at intermediates that already have a grasp of the basics.



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