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Create a new email list from scratch, and stuff it full of happy subscribers who love reading your emails. and buy like crazy! We've created a remarkably simple, easy-to-follow blueprint that reveals how anyone can quickly start using advanced Email Marketing strategies to massively improve their bottom line profits! Inside this fast-paced, fun, instantly-accessible 7-Module training program, we're going to quickly sweep away all the confusion, insecurities, and frustration you've felt in the past about Email Marketing. We're going to replace them with confidence, clarity, and a full understanding of a proven marketing system you can replicate over and over again with ease. Learn HOW you like... Every Kickstart Module comes complete with detailed written instructions with images... PLUS quick, 10-15 minute overview videos for each module and beautiful, downloadable PDF documents.  No matter how you learn best, we've got you covered! Stay on the CUTTING EDGE... Each of the 7 Modules is laser-focused on one critical Email Marketing component.  We've designed the course from the ground up so it's easy to implement everything you're learning as you go. We worked hard to make this simple! => MODULE 1: Email The Kickstart Way. The Email Marketing Kickstart™ philosophy. PLUS - bonus training on building your first website(s), getting traffic to them, and converting more of that traffic into buyers.=> MODULE 2: The Nuts & Bolts... Breeze through the technical side of setting up shop for world-class quality Email Marketing. We'll help you pick the right Autoresponder, configure it, and start sending emails right away.=> MODULE 3: The Three Types Of Emails... Learn all about the only 3 emails you ever need to know how to write or send. Once you've mastered this, you will never again wonder what to send or when.=> MODULE 4: Writing Great Emails... Discover how a cheesy superhero show on TV can completely transform the way you write emails. Subject lines, body copy, and advanced triggers.=> MODULE 5: Sending Broadcasts... How to send super effective email blasts and create great results whenever you want. Plus when and how often to send broadcast emails for best results.=> MODULE 6: Creating Sequences... Erik's ninja way of organizing and creating sequences before he writes a single word (this is mega-cool). Plus, an entire schedule of what to send and when.=> MODULE 7: The Advanced StuffEmail Personalization done right, along with advanced Story-Selling and more copywriting juju. How to segment lists and measure your results effectively. Email Marketing Kickstart™ is guaranteed to take your Email Marketing to an entirely new level. but our Core Training Modules are just the beginning. We both consult with some of the greatest Marketers in the world. So we knew we could call in some favors, and offer you something NOBODY ELSE possibly could. And that's just what we've done. We've dug deep into our contacts. Across every market and industry under the sun. and managed to bring together a superstar roster of heavy-hitting experts! See, we know that many of you are just getting started... or just getting serious about your Email Marketing. And so, to join us for this Live Training, our experts had hit ALL the checks on our three-point checklist: Qualification #1: They had to be able to teach their methods. (Many expert Email Marketers are terrific at doing, but they kind of stink at teaching. It can be hard to convey knowledge in a way others can use and understand...) Qualification #2: Their methods had to work and be replicable today by people who are not "super marketers" or "super geeks..." Qualification #3: They had to have a long history of demonstrating genuine love for helping others succeed with what they teach. That's a tall order - but boy did we deliver - take a look at who we cornered and squeezed for their very best advice! EXPERT INTERVIEW #1 - ANDRE CHAPERON Email Marketing Expert (Autoresponder Madness)TOPIC: Building Relationships Through EmailMeet Andre Chaperon, creator of the uber-popular Autoresponder Madness email marketing training course, widely considered the modern-day master of effective relationship-based Email Marketing. When you see some of the markets Andre is working in…and see the way he communicates with those audiences… you'll be shocked! EXPERT INTERVIEW #2 - CRAIG EUBANKSProfessional CopywriterTOPIC: The 25 Minute Email MethodMeet expert copywriter Craig Eubanks, and swipe his brilliantly simple method for consistently cranking out great emails in just 25 minutes a day (or less)... Craig will reveal how he wrote himself a pool using nothing but emails! EXPERT INTERVIEW #3 - BIG JASON HENDERSONEmail Marketing Expert (Email Response Warrior)TOPIC: Email Conversion & Deliverability Secrets Meet Big Jason Henderson, the 6'11 incredible hulk of Email Marketing. Jason will completely demystify his cutting edge conversion and deliverability secrets…And probably talk about bunnies a little, too. EXPERT INTERVIEW #4 - BRIAN MCLEOD & ERIK STAFFORDTOPIC: Creating Your Own Language LibrariesMeet Brian McLeod and Erik Stafford, the two Chief-Executive-Knuckleheads from Kickstart-Media. These really, really good-looking guys will be talking about how to speak the same language your readers speak…And how to create a whole new language just for your tribe!