Personal Emergency Planning (Coronavirus - COVID-19 Edition)


Last year, in 2019, I got a request from a student in to create a course on how to deal with emergencies. This is an important part of long term planning, and I put it on my to do list of courses to create sometime in the future.Then, in January 2020, I learned about the Coronavisus (now COVID-19) and decided that I should make this course my top priority. But this course isn't like my normal courses, where it's the result of years of accumulated effort.This course is a rushed-course designed to give you the information I found to be most useful over the last month (2020.02) when I researched the field of Emergency Management and it's related fields on Crises, Disasters, etc. I've collected the mental models, processes and ideas that I think are most valuable and put them into one place. I've also collected my favorite website, books, PDFs and other resources into one place so that you can check these out and do more learning for yourself, and keep up to date as things change.The focus of this course is primarily on how to think about handling emergencies as an individual and as a leader in a family. I have not included much on COVID-19 itself because a lot of details are still uncertain or unknown, so I think it's better that I point you to the best places for up to date information and then you can use those to learn about the disease itself. -Timothy