Google My Business: Your Business on Google and Google Maps
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Welcome to the complete Google My Business course. Imagine your business on the first page of Google in front of thousands of people and also showing on Google Maps where people can reach your business with one click. In this course, you will learn step by step how to list your business, your company, your brand on the first page of Google and Google Maps. And all this is 100% free with Google my business. In this course, you will learn: We'll start by creating your business listing step by step and putting your business on Google and Google Maps. With all your company information such as an address, phone, website, open hours, and moreYou will learn the exact strategies used by large corporations to get 5-star reviews and ratings, and we will implement those same strategies in your business. Do you want to increase sales? We'll list your products and services on Google My Business, where people will be able to see and buy these products directly from the Google homepage, increasing your sales organically, without spending on ads. We'll also learn how to optimize your listing to increase rankings and beat your competitors. And if you do deliveries or have a menu, we'll configure all these options to make it available to your customers right there on Google's home page. Local SEO: How to use search engine optimization to grow on Google. How to optimize your Google My Business profile to crush your competitors. The complete Google My Business listing optimization training. The best strategies for local SEO (search engine optimization). AND we're also going to add the scheduling option, that with 1-click will allow people to schedule appointments with you, such as meetings, interviews, consultations, etc. And as a bonus, we'll create a super professional website for your company or personal brand to increase your visibility and ranking on Google. If your goal is to increase your sales, expand your brand, or increase the number of customers in your local business, this course will teach you everything you need to achieve these goals. Some people think that getting your business on Google and Google Maps is complicated and expensive, but that's not 100% true. Here, we'll show you how fun, simple and easy it is to do this, and most importantly, without spending anything! I'm sure you'll love the course and that this course and the strategies you'll learn will revolutionize your business. But if for any reason you don't like the course, you can request a 100% refund in the first 30 days. Join hundreds of students who have already listed their companies on Google My Business. Enroll now, and let's get started! Diego Davila.



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