Gmail Productivity - Become An Email Productivity Wizard!
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Master Gmail and many of its bells and whistles to save time while making the time you spend in Gmail more effective. Note: The examples in this course are in Gmail because it's free and widely accessible, but nearly all the features discussed in this course are available on most modern email clients. Most people use Gmail with default settings, and never explore other options. But the other options help you write email faster. Plus, Gmail is flexible enough for you to change how it works and appears for you to suit your unique situation. MOST OF US SPEND HOURS OR TENS OF HOURS IN EMAIL PER WEEKWe largely work from email, and constantly work to catch up to answer everyone. This course will help you spend less time in email, and provide you with strategies to handle email much more effectively than beforeWISDOM: SPEND FEW MINUTES TO SAVE WEEKS LATERDon't be too busy to find ways to improve. Even if you are busy, I figured everything out for you, and share it all with you in this course, so all you have to do is watch the videos, and become more productive in email right away. Your future self will thank you! ALLOCATE TIME TO CONSTANTLY IMPROVE YOUR PROCESSESThe reason most people never explore the extra features of Gmail or other software is because they find a way that works for them and stick to it. But doing something the same way you've always been without improving it is not staying still - it's sliding backwards because the rest of the world and your competition is improving. Invest in your future! Enroll today!