Learn Spanish With Stickers in 4 Weeks - Full Basic Fluency
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Probably the best Spanish course on Udemy -  Alan Gur   Spanish course you'll definitely like - ★ Business Insider, 2016 ★    Update: added 27 new quizzes for the Black Friday. 
    IMPORTANT: 91% of our students can construct simple sentences after week one. The research was done on 832 students. If you sign up for this course and you can't build at least 20 simple sentences in Spanish within the first week, please select our money back guarantee option.    Join the online community of 2400+ students. This course is also delivered offline to more than 4000 students from 18 countries.     All material in Spanish is verified by a certified Spanish teacher. Reviews: Everyone reads reviews before they buy the course. As you already know, people with bad experiences (or a bad day) will be the first one to review and comments (just see the random positive story on facebook and read the haters with negative comments). With this course is the same, we have more than 2000+ students who really learn and use the knowledge on the streets when traveling to Spanish speaking countries. They often do not review the course, but we receive so many positive messages and feedback almost every day. So, I would encourage you to please try the course, if it fits your needs and if not, you have full 30 days money-back guarantee. Muchas gracias. We know that it works, as this is the exact way we learned Spanish and Portuguese and hundreds of my students are already fluent. ---------------------------------------------------    Encouraging facts for learning Spanish: The first 1000 most frequently used words in the entire language will allow you to understand 87.8% of all oral speech.    If you learn the top 2000 most frequently used words, you will understand 92.7% of all oral speech.    Learning the top 3000 most frequently used words will get you to 94.0%    - Davies, Mark Brigham Young University    HOWEVER, IT IS NOT ABOUT THE WORDS YOU KNOW, IT IS ABOUT THE QUALITY OF THE WORDS THAT YOU WILL BE USING.    The goal of this course is to teach you how to memorize up to 3000 of the most frequently used words and how to use them in the real world, starting from today.   Why should you learn Spanish?    What I enjoy the most from my travels is speaking with locals about their daily life. To truly live in a new place, I often pay a visit to an old barber shop, get a shave, and just chat. Barbershops are places with a good old shaving technique and space where you can hear well-narrated stories. This brings me into the daily life of locals and shows me the joy of traveling. Unfortunately, it usually only works if you speak the local language. The barbershop is the real world for me and a place where I need to know a couple powerful words.    By taking this course, you will learn how and which words to use in specific locations.    After taking notes on fast language learning by using popular mobile applications, by reading thousands of reviews on Amazon (topics: Spanish e-books & courses), by speaking with various language experts, I was experimenting with the fastest way to memorize essentials of a new language and how to combine the most commonly used words into thousands of phrases.    This course will explain the exact steps of how to memorize and combine the most important words and it will teach you how to express any idea in Spanish in 30 to 45 days. Note: After week one, you will be able to construct simple phrases.    More info about this course:    This language learning method requires putting 19% effort into learning 81% of a language. The course narrows down the most frequently used words by converting them into daily-used sentences. It is designed in cooperation with the Observe language methodology where the student is using the physical space to memorize vocabulary by using minimum effort.    How it works?    1. We are reading carefully designed sentences in Spanish, so you can learn how to pronounce words. The reading part is done by María Rodriguez, native Spanish.    2. After each exercise, you will download the provided sentences and post them around the house. (e. g., In the shower you can post these sentences translated into Spanish: I am taking a shower, Is there shower gel in the toilet, Can you pass me the towel please?). Each time you are taking a shower, you will read what is written on the wall.    After the 5th shower, you will memorize all of the sentences, then you will have a chance to change the word towel with the word soap or dress and like this, you will learn to make new combinations of the newly learned phrases.    3. When you post all the words and sentences, you will simply have to walk around the house and read the post-its = Like this you will memorize all the words and understand how to create your own sentences.    Don't want to glue post-its all over your house? No problem, this course has a solution.    4. In less than 30 days, you will learn up to 3000 of the most frequently used words, which will allow you to express any idea in Spanish.    + We are updating the course each month with various language tips and new lessons    You can email us at any time so we can send you various examples and introduce you to students who are already speaking Spanish thanks to this course.    * Important - This course is not for everyone. People have different learning needs. For many students, this course was like a revolution. They have discovered a simple way to speak Spanish. Other people prefer a typical school curriculum and they are not comfortable with this kind of teaching/learning. I invite you to try it out.   



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