Real Estate Acquisitions 101
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How do investors and real estate private equity firms actually buy commercial properties? This course will teach you the entire process of acquiring a commercial real estate asset, including property identification, due diligence, raising capital, and closing the transaction. This course was designed to break down a commercial real estate acquisition step-by-step so you can go confidently into your next deal, or understand the acquisitions process as a whole if you're working for a real estate investment, development, or brokerage firm. This course will teach you how to: Confidently be able to run the acquisitions process when purchasing commercial real estate properties, either on your own, with partners, or in your job at a real estate private equity, brokerage, or lending firm. Minimize your equity investment and maximize profit potential through understanding fee and waterfall structures, and how JV equity partnership structures are commonly put together on commercial real estate transactions. Determine if a career path in acquisitions is right for you based on what you want to get paid, how you want to get paid, and what your goals are over the long-term. This course will cover the entire process of a commercial real estate acquisition from start to finish. You'll learn things like the key components of physical and financial due diligence, how investors go about the equity raise process, what lenders are looking for when assessing your deal, and even how you can structure your partnerships with equity investors to create a win-win scenario for all parties involved. Ultimately, you'll leave this course with a strong understanding of the real estate acquisitions process for apartment buildings, retail shopping centers, office buildings, and industrial properties, whether you're looking to do deals on your own (and raise capital to do it), or you just want to get a more detailed look into what your company is doing when taking down a new acquisition. Here's what some of our students have had to say about the class: ★★★★★ Clear and to the point. Love that he does not waste time. Lays it out simply and clearly.★★★★★ A great high-level introduction to syndicating real estate deals! I work for a small commercial real estate development/management company, and I'm just beginning to put these sorts of deals together myself, so it was nice to have such a solid run through of the process. I'm working through a few other RE financial modeling courses by Justin and I'm really impressed with his knowledge, pacing of course material, and the quality of his explanations. Having an in-depth understanding of these course topics and the ability to apply what I've learned has really helped me stand out at work.★★★★★ This is an excellent overview of real estate syndication deals and the transaction elements of a typical commercial real estate acquisition. The material is presented in a logical and easy-to-follow manner from the start to finish of the acquisition deal cycle. The material in this course could serve as a comprehensive checklist for the proper execution of commercial real estate transactions. This course exceeded my expectations and I would recommend it to anyone interested in understanding how real estate syndication works or learning the commercial real estate transaction process. II hope to see you in the course!