COVID Prevention Plan


This course will teach you the responsibilities of complying with COVID safety measures. If you work anywhere but home, or this course is necessary to comply with OSHA.This course will teach you what a COVID is. You will learn how to identify the different types of facial coverings and how to use them. We will teach you the responsibilities of reporting COVID illnesses, including how to wash your hands, wear a respirator and obtain benefits related to COVID.This course is intended to provide safety and health training in compliance with Federal OSHA and State OSHA training requirements such as Cal OSHA. If you have questions, you may ask our instructors, and they will respond to you within a short period of time, as outlined by OSHA standards.The training will cover all the required elements outlined in Federal and State OSHA standards to ensure that your training meets or exceeds the minimum required training. If your training has a time requirement, the content of the training has been designed to meet that requirement.The training is developed by our in-house, real trainers with twenty years of experience working in the field and with real crews. It is trusted by public agencies throughout California.There are no prerequisites required for this course. The course will walk you through all the elements needed to be successful and complete any questions or quizzes, or testing that may be required.