Email Marketing with PowerMTA, IP Rotation and Mailwizz
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Update: All lectures are equipped with subtitles. Welcome to world's first comprehensive video guide to install and configure PowerMTA with Mailwizz. You will learn also learn to install and configure PowerMTA Management Console offered by Port25 for management of multiple PowerMTA servers. PowerMTA is well known name among email marketers. It's the MTA (mail transfer agent) that intelligently and efficiently delivers large volume of emails, allowing for maximum delivery and response. It's practically not feasible for email marketers to use ESP (email service provider), owing to their high charges which reduces ROI to null. Also the documentation offered by Port25 is intimidating for beginners who want to get started with PowerMTA. Therefore, I created this course for anyone willing to learn PowerMTA. You will also learn to configure modern mail protocols (DMARC, DKIM, and  SPF) and the best security practices. PowerMTA Management Console is one stop tool to monitor your multiple PowerMTA servers from one place.