Google Docs & Google Sheets for Beginners
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Master Google Docs & Sheets, as well as supplemental Apps in the G Suite including Google Drive and Slides, and learn to use these tools to improve your business, market yourself as a professional, and collaborate effectively on cloud based projects.  Over 1000 students are enrolled in this course to date, highlighting the demand for excellence in the area of G Suite, Google Drive, and cloud based software and competition in general. With more companies headed to G Suite's solutions everyday, being an expert in these apps has become a necessity for professionals. Major corporations and even Universities have been making the transition from local network drives office software to Google Drive and the G Suite apps. This has driven the demand for extensive training on G Suite. This course is designed to teach you to use Google Docs & Sheets as well as Google Drive to their maximum potential for personal use or for within your organization. We will cover the basics of constructing documents within each of the apps, and to do so we will be using mock Business Plans, P & L Statements, and Balance Sheets so that you can gain business application for each of these. Though, if you're just learning for personal use or school, these exercises will teach you to master the apps for whatever use you have as well. We will also learn to collaborate effectively within each app using the tools that Google provides us with. This is an excellent course for anyone from an individual just looking to become proficient, to the entrepreneur looking for more effective and efficient business solutions, to someone who works within a large organization that has moved to using Google Apps exclusively, as many have, and just needs to catch up.  In this course, you will: Learn to use Google Sheets as effectively as you use Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet solutionsMaster FormulasPut together complex P & Ls, Balance Sheets, and other forms that you use Spreadsheet solutions forUse Tables, Charts, Forms, and Sorting toolsLearn Spreadsheet Terminology & ShortcutsUse Templates, Images, and Hyperlinks to polish your Spreadsheet DocumentsSort & Interpret Data EffectivelyLearn to use Google Docs as effectively as you use Microsoft Word or other word processing softwareBuild professional documents using Google Docs, to include Business Proposals, Executive Summaries, and learn to locate thousands of templates on Docs to save yourself time, and make your Business stand outMaster the Formatting Tools of Google DocsUse Images, Tables, and other Tools to Polish your Google DocsLearn to use Google Docs & Sheets to collaborate effectively within your business or organization, as well as on external projects.  Google Apps afford businesses a wide variety of resources that would otherwise be rather costly. Consider, for example, what you pay for office suite software on every company computer, and then the storage space you have to maintain on both local drives and servers. Google Apps provides a free, cloud based office suite, and up to 30GB of free storage per user. Storage can also be increased as needed at very affordable rates. As of this course posting, you can get an extra 100GB for $1.99 per month, a full TB for $9.99 per month, or you can switch to unlimited storage with G Suite for Business at $10/month per user. Why wait? Enroll in this course risk free, and start to Master Docs & Sheets TODAY!