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Why provider?There are tons of state management solutions out there. However, which one is the best?There isn't. It is like saying the best flavour of ice cream is chocolate. Some might disagree, and say it's strawberry. Others would suggest it's cookies and cream. However, there is one flavour that you get started with, which is vanilla. Therefore, provider is the flavour that you should start, before you try the others. Provider has been the state management the Flutter team used to describe, state management. This is because it is easy to understand. And currently, it is the most liked package. Moreover, it is a building block for some state management as well such as flutter bloc. And the best way to learn providers, personally, is to create a real life projects with it. Not only you gain experience, you can add these projects into your portfolio. You will learnTo create real life projects - You would build a responsive blog web app, and a dummy e-commerce web app (no Firebase or payment integration). This can build up your portfolio of projects under your belt. How to use provider with Firebase - Many times in development, you have to combine your state management with 3rd party services like Firebase. This course will expose to you on how to do it. Different Providers - Just like a toolbox, the Provider has different tools for different purposes. The MultiProvider is to combine all providers to one list. The FutureProvider and StreamProvider deals with asynchronous tasks. And these are common widgets, professionals used. Optimisation of widgets - Fast and smooth apps are qualities of a great user experience. Luckily, you will learn how to build a lag free app. This is possible with Provider widgets: consumer and selector. If you are looking for a State Management to start, this is for you. Learning to control the data flow and how the data should react is vital to a user experience. Therefore, get the basics of state management using Provider to get started. This is for you: Self-taught DevelopersComputer Science/Engineering StudentsProfessional DevelopersMobile FreelancersWhat's Inside6+ Hours of Video Content10 topics11 Exercises2 ProjectsLifetime updates



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