Email Marketing: Become a Lead & Sales Machine


Compared to just about every other form of digital marketing, Email is still the most cost-effective. It can form the bedrock of your communications strategy and 'join the dots between your other online activities. It is quick, easy to implement, inexpensive, and reliable. The challenge, however, is standing out in an increasingly noisy marketplace. Your customers are drowning in too many email messages. This means it's harder than ever to reach them and grab their attention. This Email Marketing training course is designed to help you improve your Open Rate and your CTR (Click Through Rate).You will learn how the elements of Email Marketing work together. You'll discover how to form your strategies, set realistic targets, and design engaging email content that gets delivered, opened, read, and acted upon.Come out from this course with a clear idea of Email marketing and all the processes you should deploy to write a more persuasive way to attract customers.From Planning to choose an Email service provider, design your process, build your email list, personalize the copywriting, build a successful landing page, deal with the creative aspect, the offer you might want to put in, and the mobile aspect.Good emails need a good follow-up that you can do with other supportive activities to finally move more people to their decision journey. The sending time and the frequency of the emails sent are also fundamental to gain more customers, so tests need to be done to build the best possible strategy for your business. As customers will not spend more than two seconds scanning emails, their attention needs to be grabbed within the first few lines of the email sent.