YouTube for beginners


In this course you are going to learn about the basic settings of YouTube, SEO, Video publishing tips, Channel customization and many more. This course was designed with beginners in mind, however I am certain that many pros will make good use of the knowledge that is in this YouTube course.I am teaching since 2014 and I worked with thousands of entrepreneurs, vloggers, online marketers in the past years.In these years I discovered a pattern amongst video marketers, vloggers, YouTubers. Many of them had little to no knowledge when they started and had to learn YouTube along the way. Which is fine, but they could have saved so much time, pain, and work if they had the right settings and basic tricks from the beginning.let me remind you that it is not a problem to learn along the way, but basics are key in order to start your journey with a headstart.Most people will ignore this course by saying: "Oh I know all this. No point learning the basics, it will come naturally to me."I'd say those who say that, are struggling the most in the beginning and give up. Is this familiar to you:"I got no views on my videos""Why nobody is watching my latest video?""How come that my competitors are getting so many subscribers with far worse content than I am ?""Why my channel isn't growing at all?"Well.Well.Welll...This course was designed to do that for you. Short, simple, easy to execute but it will guaranteed to save you time, effort, and money.Get the basics rightOptimize your channel Start creating videosGrow!!!



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