Build a Google Drive Clone with Flutter, Firebase and Getx
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You have learned flutter and want to gain practical experience ? You wanna add an awesome real world app to your resume ? Then this is the perfect course for you. This is a complete masterclass on building a google drive clone with flutter , cloud firestore and getx. We will start from authenticating users with google sign-in to then the add the ability for adding files , images , videos, audios excel files , word files and all files. Users can also add folders , and in those folders add particular files. We will also add the ability for viewing all files , deleting them and downloading them. Furthermore users can see recent files and also click on particular categories for viewing only particular files. We will also compress the files , so that we dont have to upload large amount of file size to firebase. And also users can see how much space they used and how much more space is left for use. Mostly all the feautures from google drive are implemented. There are many more features which are explained in detail in the intro video. For state management we are gonna use the getx package. It offers us navigation, dialogues and reactive state. Getx is really trendy now and for people who dont have any experience in getx, there is also a optional getx crash course at the beginning of the courseSo as you can see, this course is a complete masterclass on building a real world app. One can learn any technology by only building practical projects. And I am sure this course will help you get much better in flutter. Beginner learners, intermediate and advanced coders, all are welcome. Because this is a step by step course. So what are you waiting for, just step in to the course