French Language course for beginners
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•Comprehensive modules starting from the alphabets, pronunciations so it helps you in reading and speaking.•Most of the frequently used verbs covered and most importantly similarly conjugated verbs grouped together so that the learning of its conjugations becomes easier.•How to make simple sentences using these verbs. Difference between two verbs with similar meanings and when to use them.•Basic vocabulary, many nouns and phrases used in different places like airport; shops; restaurants; clinics etc..•The petits nuances that I was not aware of when I started learning French.•Persons travelling to French countries•For work or for vacations•Want to speak French in restaurants•Converse with cab drivers - tell and ask directions•At the airport•Negotiate at a shop etc…•Students struggling to understand the grammar concepts?This course will guide to better and clear understanding of the same and help to speak , read and write basic sentencesconfidently.•Aspiring to write exams for any certifications? This course materials is designed to help and guide you to successHow to tell tell the weather & time in French.•The learner will be able to converse well in basic communication with the French speaking countries.•Have a good understanding of grammar & pronunciations.•Enabler for beginner's certifications in French language viz., DELF - A1 level.