US Income Taxes - Income Tax Preparation Simplified for You
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Student Course Feedback: Dr. Jacinto, you were a great instructor. Your lectures were clear, precise and showed real teacher abilities. You enunciate so well and very easy to understand and follow. Your organization was noteworthy and covered the material well. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire course. In fact, I've listened to your lectures twice.=====================================================================2015 Tax Season Ends. A season of SAVINGS begin! Enjoy this course for $9 ($39 regular price) while it is being updated for next year's (2016) tax season. See you inside!===================================================================== Income Tax Basic Training has one simple objective - and that is for you to be able to prepare & file your OWN federal & state income tax return by 04/15 by empowering you with the tools you need to understand & learn how US income tax system works. The course is delivered in simple, no-nonsense and straightforward terms to take the intimidation factor away from dealing with taxes and promote an engaging learning environment. All the materials you need to successfully complete the course are built-in. It's loaded with supplemental resources and quizzes to reinforce learning. The course walks you through how to prepare a basic 1040 from the beginning to the end. At the end of the course, you will understand how to calculate for your gross income subject to tax, adjusted gross income, the correct type of deduction to take: standard vs. itemized, the number of exemptions to claim, the credits that you may qualify for, your taxable income, tax liability, tax refund or tax due. Save yourself an average of $200/year by filing your own federal & state income tax return every year. A research conducted by the National Society of Accountants showed that the average of professional tax preparation is $152 for a simple 1040 and $261 for a 1040 with Schedule A. More importantly, be in control of your own taxes by knowing why you pay what you do and learning and understanding how taxes work and affect you. Your instructor promotes and encourages a lively class through the discussion forum. Expect her to respond to you within 24 hours or less. Before you sign up, please refer to the target audience for this course to see that it is the right one for you.